MATLAB Finite Difference Method using Matlab

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You are trying to solve [tex] \nabla^2 u = c\frac{\partial^2u}{\partial t^2}[/tex] ?

Over what domain? What are the boundary / initial conditions? Do you have a specific question about it, or are you not sure where to start?
Can ADI Methods be applied in Cylindrical coordinate system?
Thank you
Would "any body" like to give me some references about numerical method using matlab (journal or e-book)? I have had some references, but very limited edition.
Dear All,

I am also trying to solve, non-linear partial differential equations using finite difference method. They are parabolic partial differential equations but both coupled. Can anybody help me write coding in matlab. I did for single variable (temperature, that change with time and depth) nonlinear equations. But now I have two variable (Stress and temperature). They are interdependent too. Please anybody help me to write the coding

Best Regards

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