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Homework Help: Finite dimensional

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    problem here on a kernal and range question. on the first part of the question it asks me to define what is meant by kernal and image of a mapping T:U>V
    answers being kerT={uEU:T(u)=0} and imT=T(U)={T(u):uEU}
    then theres a second part to the question asking me to state the definitions of rank and nullity if this is a finite dimensional space, what does finite dimensional mean? is this just the normal definitions of rank and nullity i.e the dimension of the kernal and the dimension of the image?
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    Yes, this should simply be the definition of rank and nullity of the operator, i.e. the dimensions of its image and kernel, respectively.

    I assume you know what it means for a vector space to be finite dimensional.
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