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I have a question if any one know the answer I appreiatete it, the question is that when doing FEM for a frame in just 4 elements is more correct to solve it by using stiffness matrix and spread sheets or by using ProE is more correct answer can be found, please can you explain it for me if you can?

Thanks for your help
If the boundary conditions, properties of materials are the same, and if you are using the frame element in ProE having the same number of degrees of freedom as your stiffness matrix for the frame element, you should get the same answers as you should end up with the same global stiffness matrix.
If the system is unstable, that's a different story, because the answer(s) depend on how the instability is tackled.


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gimini75: If the FEA software is not decrepit, then the FEA software will be very slightly more accurate than your own finite element calculations. But the difference will be so small that it will be negligible for most problems. Both methods will provide an accurate answer, and both methods are good.

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