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Finite or Logic?

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    Hi, I am planning to take either Finite Math (5 units) or Logic (3 units) the coming semester. When I look at the topics of the books we use at school, I found out that most of their topics are overlapping. Does Finite Math cover more topics including the ones we learn in Logic or is it the other way around? Actually I just want to learn more things like the Truth table which we won't learn in calculus or algebra.
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    matt grime

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    There is no universal definition. The only indicator is the syllabus, which you have and we do not. Typically discrete, or finite, maths covers a lot of different topics, and may deal with anything that is not analysis (ie does not take limits). Logic is entirely separate (I wouldn't even consider truth tables to be part of finite mathematics), and is a metamathematical subject.
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    Generally speaking, I would expect "Finite Mathematics" to include the basics of logic as well as, say, combinatorics and possibly some number theory.

    A course titled specifically "Logic" would deal with logic in much more depth and not include the other parts of Finite Mathematics.
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    Don't forget recursion and graph theory! Finite probability might be covered too.
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    Is Finite Math the same as Discrete Math? Or am I way off? :)
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    matt grime

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    Mathematical terms such as these don't really have exact definitions. It's a blanket word. Finite mathematics deals with pretty much any mathematics that is about sets that are not infinite (for instance, not classical analysis). Discrete mathematics, again approximately, is anything which deals with sets whose elements are treated as separate, discrete objects. Ie all finite mathematics plus infinite sets too, such as vector spaces and such.
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