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Finite state machine, heeelp

  1. Apr 2, 2006 #1
    Okay, i'm having trouble understanding a finite state machine example in my :yuck: book. It's a state table for the machine M = (S, [tex] \ell [/tex], [tex] \wp [/tex], v , [tex] \omega [/tex]) where S = {S0, S1, S2}, [tex] \ell = \omega = [/tex] {0,1}.

    Please check out the attachment:smile: What i don't understand is the v and [tex] \omega [/tex] column... Why is row S0; S0 in "0" and S1 in "1", and row S2; 0 in "0" and 1 in "1"?

    Is this just made up or something? :tongue2:

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    Given a state and an input, isn't v supposed to tell you where to go next? And similarly w tells you what you're supposed to output?
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    yeah, that's right! In my textbook it says that:

    v: S X [tex] \ell [/tex] -> S is the next state function
    w: S X [tex] \ell [/tex] -> [tex] \wp [/tex] is the output function.. but i still don't get it :(

    Hmm, my attachment is still pending. I've found the same example here :
    http://www.cis.uoguelph.ca/~sawada/2910/notes/fsm-1x2.pdf (check out page 3)
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