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Finite World!

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    The real objects are finite as shown in the book Theory of Interaction by Eugene Savov - http://www.eugenesavov.com

    Then what is the sense to consider arbitrary large or small quantities?

    Is there a need for new mathematics dealing with discrete (finite) objects?
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    Are you claiming that Calculus does not work? There's one heck of lot of engineering that has been developed using Calculus.

    OF COURSE there is no such thing as actual, physical "infinity" or "infinitesmal": mathematicians have been saying that for centuries.

    That's completely irrelevant to the fact that approximating very large things (or large numbers of things) by infinity and approximating very small things by "infinitesmal" simplifies the calculation enormously.
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    Calculus (mathematics) is a TOOL. It does not necessarily represent physical reality.
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    If we were to include the physics of the vanishingly small in all calculations, we might encounter an infinity of (or at least, many incompatible) interpretations, each uniquely describing a local physics.
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