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Finsler Geometrical Path Integral (title) - Feynmann int. as a true 3rd quantization.

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    Finsler Geometrical Path Integral
    Authors: Takayoshi Ootsuka, Erico Tanaka
    (Submitted on 16 Apr 2009)

    Abstract: A new definition for the path integral is proposed in terms of Finsler geometry. The conventional Feynman's scheme for quantisation by Lagrangian formalism suffers problems due to the lack of geometrical structure of the configuration space where the path integral is defined. We propose that, by implementing the Feynman's path integral on an extended configuration space endowed with a Finsler structure, the formalism could be justified as a proper scheme for quantisation from Lagrangian only, that is, independent from Hamiltonian formalism. The scheme is coordinate free, and also a covariant framework which does not depend on the choice of time coordinate.


    This is too good to be true. I would like to hear your opinions.
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