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I Fire and combustion

  1. Jul 25, 2016 #1
    I've read a bit about fire on wiki and I have some questions.
    1. There is an exact ignition temperature for each material. Temperature reflects the amount of energy, heat. But also specific heat capacity of a each substance is different. So is the amount of heat, which is necessary for of ignition, the same for different substances? If different, why is that so? Can we calculate this amount of heat with formula?
    2. If we have a certain amount of fuel we can calculate the amount of heat, which will be produced during combustion. This heat will be produced not immediately, but gradually. So there is a "speed" with which heat is produced. Can we calculate it?
    3. If there is the speed of heat production, there might be also the speed of heat absorption. Can we calculate it))?

    Thank you very much in advance!!
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    Hello Igor, :welcome:

    1) temperature is the better quantity to consider: heat has a tendency to diffuse away with a rate depending on conductivity (among others).
    2) tough one too. but yes, there is a lot of research going on into things like flame propagation speeds. (which google...)
    3) again, conductivity (among others) determines how swiftly heat is transported away from wherever it enters. google "heat transfer"
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