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Firefox / autoscroll

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    Does autoscroll work for you in Firefox 1.0?

    My HP laptop has a synaptics touchpad with an extra little autoscroll window next to it. Autoscroll works fine in IE and other applications. In Firefox all it does is put a little autoscroll icon on the screen instead of the cursor, but it doesn't scroll at all unless I grab the scrollbar. (The arrow keys work OK.)

    Yes, I have autoscroll enabled in tools/options/advanced.
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    I use autoscroll on my firefox 1.0 and it works. But I am on a desktop. And when it is not enabled the middle mouse scroll does not work at all, in firefox.
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    It turned out to be a problem with firefox and the synaptics drivers. It seems my original driver was too old, & then I upgraded to one that was too new. I just found one (ver. 7.8.10) that's "just right". :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Well, almost. Vertical autoscroll works fine. Horizontal autoscroll works in other applications but it still doesn't work in firefox. I found that there's already a bugzilla on that, so I guess eventually the firefox people will work it out.
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    Forget about horizontal scrolling, just make your resolution 1600x1200
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    Hah, hah.
    My laptop screen can't handle 1600x1200 & if it did I'd need a magnifying glass to read it.
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