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Firefox Plugins

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    I am pretty new to Firefox, but I am pretty much hooked. I do have one issue...I can't seem to get the shockwave or flash player plugins to work with it. I try using the plugin finder service, but it just hangs up. I have manually DL'd it and works fine on my IE, but still nothing with Firefox. Any suggestions? I'm using XP. Thanks.
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    click where it says "Install Missing Plugins"

    gah, windows users....you don't know the beauty of Linux.....things like "sudo apt-get update" or "sudo apt-get install plugins firefox -f" or (even better) "sudo apt-get upgrade firefox -f"
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    Have you tried getting them from here?

    https://pfs.mozilla.org/plugins/ [Broken]
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    I'll give that a try. Like I said, I DL'd direct from the flash/shockwave website, and I know IE sees the plug in but for some reason Firefox doesn't.

    I'll give it a go. Thanks again.
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    I tried your download link and that seemed to do it for Flash player. Shockwave, during the install, says it sees Firefox, but it still doesn't seem to work. I'm half of the way there. Thanks for the help.
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    Hmm. Maybe you should try posting on the forums.mozillazine.org as someone there may have had a similar problem, or know of a solution.
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