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Firefox refreshing problems

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    On a number of ocassions Firefox has failed to refresh a webpage correctly. Sometimes it may refresh some of the page, however, chunks of the older one are still left over.

    The other day I was straightening up a MySQL database for someone and we were refreshing the PHP pages hosted by Apache to test the configuration. After playing with this for several hours, I had the hunch to fire up IE and go to the webpage. Of course, IE showed the page as it "should" be. I wasted probably an hour and a half.

    On another occasion, I maintain several VMware ESX servers. Typically, most of the configuration is carried out through the management interface, which is web-based. ESX has extensive graphs of virtual machine memory usage, cpu usage, and network usage. I noticed that one of the VMs did not display any memory usage at all (I had just created the VM the previous day using the management interface and Firefox), so Firefox didn't refresh the images used for the graph correctly; therefore, displaying the memory usage incorrectly. Now, I use the management interface only through IE.

    There's many more instances where this has happened, but these are the two that have annoyed me the most.

    Don't get me wrong - I like Firefox, in fact, I'm using it now; however, these issues need to be corrected.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences?

    Edit: When the management interface issue occured I was using Firefox on Linux. When the MySQL, PHP issue happened, I was using Firefox on Windows. The issue seems to be platform independent.
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