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Fireworks and shell casings

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    As a parent, how would you feel about finding these items in your house?

    http://www.davesbrain.ca/miscpix/shells.jpg [Broken]

    These are about the size of .22 cartridges. It says 'cartridges for low velocity tools'. That's like an airgun, right?

    I would be very unhappy to find fireworks hidden under my couch, so I'm very unhappy to find these.

    What I don't know is if this is cause for concern merely like firecrackers (a talking-to), or dangerous, like bullets (grounds for consequences of extreme prejudice).
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    I hide my fireworks form my parents under the couch all the time
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    Depending on where they were, I would have a stern discussion with the individual invovled. They are 'incendiary' and a potential fire hazard. Such things should be stored in a metal container in a cool place, free of static charge.

    It depends on what is meant by 'air' gun. Does one mean BB-gun or pellet gun, or does one mean pneumatic, i.e. higher pressure, which could drive a nail into a piece of hardwood or someone body.

    I'd say, stern discussion. Without a projectile (bullet or nail) they are not so harmful.

    Are blank guns harmful? - http://www.motionpicturearmourer.com/q5.htm

    How did one get access to the cartidges? Perhaps a course in gun/firearm safety would be appropriate?
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    I'd say that a discussion is in order since you didn't give permission for them to be there, but what kind should depend upon how old your kids are. They might be perfectly capable of handling them safely and don't think that it's a big deal. I had explosives of one sort or another around the house since I was about 9. My parents thought that it was great that I had an interest in something. They were quite happy with me when I used a sulfur bomb to rid our residence of a bee hive.
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    Read the label, they are for low velocity tools, like a nail gun, power is rated #3 (scale is 1 to 6). Burn rate is slower than a true 22 bullet. Would need a mechanism to fire it like a tool gun. Could also be used as a low power blank for a 22 pistol, if it's a rim fire shell instead of a pin fired one.

    A cherry bomb would have more power.

    Largest firework I remember was back in the 70's a friend had some shell burst simulators (used by the military for training), bascially the same power as a hand grenade, but with a plaster of paris shell instead of metal, and a longer fuse (about 5 seconds after pin pull, along with a whistling sound similar to a picolo pete before the big boom). You had to be careful not to set on off near any rocks, or anything else that could become a projectile, and not to close to homes less windows would get broken.

    I still have my lighter fluid tennis ball can cannon, which is quite loud.
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    My kids are adult, so outside the home I would not have any complaint about the mischief they get into. But they have a habit of bringing their mischief into the home, despite our wishes.

    My concern is carelessness and safety. I would not let them bring fireworks indoors. If these had been actual bullets, I would be threatening them with expulsion.

    I suspect these are purchasable at Home Depot. They don't even have a warning label on the box.
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    Apparently you've never been to the children's gun deparment so common in Texas super-market stores (as noted in a King of the Hill episode). I like the names of the products, "Little Johnnie's first 30-06", or "Little Johnnies first 12 guage", or "Little Johnnies first Mac 10".
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