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Fireworksdamaging our atmosphere?

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    Is there any damaging effect or chemical that gets released into our atmosphere? I know wildfire and deforestation is a problem, but what else?
    Also, sorry if I post on wrong place, I was stuck in between Chemistry, and Biology. =/
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    Probably but not enough to be at all noticable. Kinda like peeing in a river i suppose
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    if it does, that doesn't mean that i will quit, i love things that go boom. like last night, a few friends and i shot roman candles at targets, and blew holes in the ground with m-80s. also, we shot ak-47s into the air, the semi-automatic lame but legal type. what a way to celebrate the 4th of july, celebrate like terrorists do!
    yes, playing with things that can killl you can be very fun!

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    Yes, celebrate your country by blowing a part of it up. :tongue2: :uhh:
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    isn't that all that americans do? blow things up?
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    No. We shoot people too.

    Just on the way into work this morning, I killed two people and blew up three cars.
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    I'm going to have to sit out and watch firefly flickering patterns again tonight. I was noticing last night they seemed to be flickering at a rate that seemed really rapid to me, almost keeping time with the flickering of the fireworks as they sizzled out (my neighborhood sounded like a war zone last night with fireworks being set off in every direction! No little firecrackers either; I just checked that none of them were being set off within range of my property and then sat back to watch :tongue2:). But, I was also seeing fireflies in pairs, so they may have been flickering in a different pattern for mating. Just wondering if the poor things were confused and trying to communicate with fireworks. :biggrin: So, I want to watch them again tonight and see if it looks the same as last night or not.
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    Wait wait, back on topic, so does it hurt our atmosphere or not? Haha.
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    If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say yes, they damage the atmosphere... BUT to a much smaller degree than any of the other thousands of sources of pollution.

    I'd bet dollars to donuts (and I love donuts) that a single moderate sized forest fire spews more into the air than all of the fireworks lit off anually.
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    Well, who cares if the gun is legal or not, what you did IS a felony
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