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First 4 straight 0-26ers ever in hearts

  1. Apr 28, 2005 #1
    Ughhh, everything was going great today, and then this had to happen. Check the screenshots. I thought it was going to be my first 4 straight 0-26ers ever in hearts, but I got a bad fourth hand. And then I got a great fifth hand, but one of the stupid girls threw out some hearts early, and I got stuck with the rest -2 :grumpy:

    Looking good :smile:


    Ruined, but still nice :cool:


    Blah :yuck:

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    Well I don't think a turtle-gram will cheer you up, but...wait, aren't you supposed to be studying? :tongue:
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    Finals are over as of today :smile:
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    Nice!! Yeah I finished on Tuesday. Man, I'd really feel bad for you...if I knew how to play hearts... :biggrin:
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