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First day of October!

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    Woo hoo! What are you guys going to do? Does anybody host Halloween parties? I remember when I used to drink apple cider, walk on the dead leaves, and look at pumpkins in October around five years ago. :approve: Ahh.

    Yeah right before it got really cold. :devil:
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    It is a good day to aerate and over seed my lawn.....The leaves are just starting to change here so it will be a while until we can walk on them.
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    I've went to my parents last weekend and collected about 20kgs of apples. The trees were pruned last year so the fruit yield this year has been immense.

    I spent yesterday making apple wine and cider. The cider is fermenting horrendously quickly now, a bubble every second or so, so I've taken it to the garage. I haven't looked at the wine must yet but didn't put any extra sugar in so it should be fine.

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    You're jumping the gun there. Halloween comes at the end of October. :biggrin:

    However, we do not do anything special.

    Also, in the S. Hemisphere, it is getting warmer, since it is spring time and Summer is on its way.
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    Shouldn't OCTober be the eitgth month of the year?
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    My birthday is in 12 days... Umm, hmm
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    it is in the Roman calendar
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    It is my favorit month of the year, right now I'm up visiting friends in Michigans thumb area. Its just beautiful here. Went to a cider mill today and a nice little boat trip to a protected island{native american soil}.
    Almost too much moon to see the stars well tonight, tho its still much more then I can see in the city. Heading back to the camper to bunk down soon, so I can get up early to walk the beaches!
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    Talk about timing. Eastern box turtles are supposed to hatch in October. Well, this morning we found two in our back yard - newly hatched and headed for cover. I posted a linked picture in the Gardening thread.
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    Or it was until Julius and Augustus Caesar had months named after them.
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    The summer can't be over yet! :cry:
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    It isn't! It hasn't even started yet - south of the equator. :biggrin:
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    Indeed :smile: and those living near the equator don't have summer or winter, just wet and dry seasons, in England we call January through to January the wet season :smile:
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