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First Days of College

  1. Aug 28, 2005 #1
    Well, what can I say? My dorm is crazy! My first night at college, BAM! Football fanatics, bad music, beer bongs, cigerettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, pot, perverts, and sluts. And thats just in my room. I'm pretty passive and tolerent but this is ridiculous. EVERYONE, smokes and drinks, and most people smoke pot. I'm stuck and can't change dorms. Most of the people are fairly friendly and stuff, but this is just way to extreme for me. I've dealt with drugs and stuff before but this is different because you can't help but associate with it, seeing how you're no more than 10ft from the action at all times.

    I tried to be open-minded and understanding but most of the people simply don't have any respect for themselves or others. The first night, my room mate banged some random ugly chick, at 3am, in our room while I was trying to sleep. He says she is ugly as hell but she was the only chick he could find that night, and he says he will take any women he can get his hands on, just because he 'has' to have it. The next day my room mate and some of his friends (two of them), who are crashing in our 10x10 room for the next week, and I had just woken up after 2 hours of sleep. That same chick was back and my room mate keep pulling her skirt down and of coarse she had no underwear on. So as I was trying to hold in my throw-up from her fat ass my room mate friends just kicked back and enjoyed the show. Of coarse the next night he had a different chick, but the next morning a different girl was in bed with him.

    I don't hate these people. I'm just way too different. I'll enjoy knocking back a few brews and socializing, but I also like to have lots of quiet time so I can read and study. They almost NEVER sleep. They drink from 11am toBut, reading quantum physics while guys play Madden NFL, listen to rap, and chugging beers just doesn't seem right. Right now the libraries are closed, but I was able to get into a bookstore. I ended up sitting in there and reading "Road to Reality" for 5 hours.

    God help me! Hopefully I'll meet some people I can relate to once school starts. But according to gossip, parting doesn't stop once school starts around here.
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    Thats the problem with roommates. Hit and miss. Mostly miss.

    Just ask them to tone it down during certain hours. Say that you don't mind if he parties during a certain time period, but you DEMAND that a certain block of time has absolute peace and quiet.

    Most people (even stoners) are reasonable. Give it a shot.

    If all else fails, complain to the housing department. You shouldn't have to put up with that when you pay money to stay in res.
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    I'm sorry you half to put up with that. Things might calm down a little, if not, you'll need to find a quite place to study. Be glad your not drawn into it, so many are. Get a good set of ear plugs untill you can find a nitch to be comfortable in.
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    welcome to college?
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    If you want we'll all come and kick there a$$.
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    Most are pretty reasonable. But not as much after 10 beers.

    Well, they did con me into doing a beer bong (two cans worth). Not as bad as you would think. But still can't believe I did it. I still don't drink half as much as they do. Most I've done is three in one hour, and 8 in one day.

    I absolutely won't smoke ANYTHING and don't believe in sex before marriage.
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    From what I have seen college is all about sex for most of the freshmen.... :rofl:
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    Yeah, I was mistaken for thinking people go to college to learn and better themselves. :rolleyes:
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    Oh you naive little man. You'll soon learn that universities don't have living areas, they just many many many mini-bars and sex shacks :tongue:
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    That is true for only nerds that hang out at a place called physicsforums :smile:
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    Kick them all out of your room! Tell your roommate if he wants to stay up all night with the women he meets, to go to their place, and next time he comes back with someone, get up, turn on the lights, pick up their clothes and throw them out in the hallway and tell them to go to a motel; that should get the message across loud and clear.

    Don't you have non-smoking dorms? Where do you go to college? Good lord, if I had to put up with stuff like that when I was in college, I'd have had to kick butts (and I don't mean the cigarettes either). They're probably all in your room because everyone else's roommates already kicked them out and you're the only one not saying anything. That's just beyond unacceptable. And if they're coming in with pot and drugs and you don't want anything to do with it, call the campus police. They'll learn really quickly to take their crap someplace else.
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    wait no screw it. Get an apartment! Get some like-minded non-STD factories and go in on an apartment. This probably wont work right now but maybe next semester or next year :)
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    School hasn't even started yet, so who cares right now.

    I'm not a partyer myself, but if I had no financial worries and no school, I'd be drinking most of my time away too. It's fun.

    Of course, I do it to a certain extent, so I can actually read a book the next day.

    Note: Getting high is better than getting drunk, so why not try it. I was all in the never-smoke-pot thing, but once I hit college I didn't bother anymore. I smoked up maybe 6 times, and the last time was 2-3 years ago. I didn't go overboard, which you can obviously tell by the numbers. I may do it again, but I certainly don't fear it. It really is fun. Unfortunately, I wouldn't do it with your roommates because they seem like the type of people that would get you doing it everyday.

    If you really hate this, change rooms or say something to someone.
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    Wasn't there some sort of prefrosh weekend where you could check out what things would possibly be like beforehand?
  16. Aug 28, 2005 #15


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    oh, I fell nerdy now :grumpy:
  17. Aug 28, 2005 #16
    Perhaps talk to your RA. From the sounds of it he allows this stuff. If not, he could help you out. The year is going to be long and hellish if you do not put your foot down. You think it's bad now? Imagine a year of it. And the longer you allow it to happen, the harder it will be to address. Like others have suggested, talk to your roomate and try to come to a set of rules that you will follow. Otherwise throw them out of your room like said before. It's your room!
  18. Aug 28, 2005 #17
    HA! the RAs go out drinking with them.

    You can only smoke outside, near the pool. But people smoke pot inside for obvious reasons, but they blow it out the window so the smell won't last.

    FSU. I stay at an appartment off-campus but it is right next to the university so you can walk there in like 5 minutes. Techniquely it's an appartment, but it's made to be like a dorm. You aren't suppost to drink beer inside your room but people do it anyways and the RAs don't care. And they let you drink outside by the pool, but only if it's in a plastic cup (don't know why).

    Because smoking weed can get you arrested and thrown out of school, that's why. I don't know how they handle weed up in Canada, but in the US they go crazy over it.

    Of coarse it's fun. You think people like me don't do these things because we don't think we'd enjoy them?

    Going around screwing all the women you meet and doing crack and other drugs. It's fun at the moment. The point is that it is bad for your health in the long run. It's called responsiblity. It's the difference between adults and children. Drinking and smoking doesn't show maturity or prove that you're a man, if anything it makes you less of one.

    Don't you see? That time you spend drinking is wasted. Why not invest that time doing something productive? That's the one of the major reasons excessive drinking and drugs are bad is because they make you content with being bored. There isn't anything wrong with knocking back a few cold ones while you grill with family and friends. But drinking 15 beers in your dorm because you don't have anything better to do is.

    Can't change rooms now. My parents aren't going to waste $6,000 for housing me for a week and then spend anoth six grand on another appartment. It isn't like you can just refund the money. If changing my mind and [could] get my money back I'd have cost them the profit of one room, because by now, no one else is looking for places to stay seeing that school starts tommarrow.
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    First days of college? :uhh: How boring! :zzz:
  20. Aug 28, 2005 #19
    Eek. Isn't FSU the second-largest party school? Not exactly the most promising statistic for someone who wants to excel academically at a university.

    Unfortunately the high school immaturity extends to college as well... one would think that some people would grow out of it but apparently they don't. I prefer to stay level-headed at all times, so I don't drink. Not to mention that it is quite illegal for someone my age to be drinking as well, but it does happen (my best friend is complaining of a similar situation of sorts that is happening where he is at).
  21. Aug 28, 2005 #20
    Last year they were the third largest. But this year they didn't even make the list, for some reason. But their physics department is one of the best in the country. I can't wait to visit the Dirac Library. It opens tommarrow.
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