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First Derivative of a Vector

  1. Oct 6, 2005 #1
    I`ve been asked to find the first and second time , t , derivative of a Vector A=(5, 6t, 7t^2)

    Ok, now my prof hasn`t given any examples and i don`t have a text bok with these in so i need to ask for a bit of advise.

    I`ve been told that all i need to do is find the derivative of the components!

    So i`m thinking that;

    A` = (0, 6, 14t)

    Is this correct?

    [edit] OOPs i forgot about the unit vectors, therefore A` = (0, 6j, 14t k)
    where the unit vectors i, j, k are the magnitued of the vector along the x, y, z axis[/edit]
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    You don't need to add the unit vectors if you write it in components like (0,6,14t).
    An alternative way is writing [itex]0{\bf{\hat i}} + 6{\bf{\hat j}} + 14t{\bf{\hat k}}[/itex]

    The derivative seems correct :smile:
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