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First Girlfriend: Funny Story!

  1. Dec 18, 2011 #1
    So I asked out my first girl today (first yes. Im in 9th grade.) I was at a party with my friend, and he dared me to text her:
    Hey baby. Wanna go out?
    out of the blue. I hadn't texted this chick in like a year, and I was extremely shy back then (I had asked her out twice before.)
    This time I took the aggressive side. I looked at facebook photos, and she had gotten FINE. It turned from an dare into a series of me calling her hottie, cutie, sexy, etc. At first she didn't think it was me, since I had been EXTREMELY shy before. Finally, I convinced her (I swore on my mother and my first born childs future graves.) We texted, and from like 12-2, I got her to start calling me nicknames back, Finally, I dropped the ball at like 2:15. Turns out she got grounded, and cant see me for like a month (we go to different schools.) But she seems to really like me. I hope it works out :).
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    lol it's great that you're finding your confident side. I used to be shy to talk to girls that I felt for, but I was fine communicating with groups of friends. Anyway, I'm not recommending this for anyone but the way I came out of my shell towards girls was to get a kick start with alcohol. You know how most people get those short term confidence boosts when tipsy - well, I learnt to use that confidence boost to break the ice, kind of like how you sent your first text. After that, things get easier if they're interested too.

    Now I'm confident with girls without drinking, and enjoy those moments when I get butterflies in my stomach from nervousness. It reminds me of what I used to be like, and how I've grown from that experience.

    You could grow from this too, and so even if it doesn't work out with this girl, it's still a good thing all in all. Just make sure you don't over-extend that confidence and become a jerk :wink:
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