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First Hand Experience with PGRE

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    I'm taking the PGRE in about 3 months and haven't really began studying. There's loads of study tips out there already, but I'm looking for any first hand experience anyone has had with taking/studying for the PGRE. I've found that no matter what tips you can find, first hand experience is almost always more useful.

    Thanks in advance :oldshy:
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    First of all, the #1 resource I would recommend is "Conquering the Physics GRE", you can get it on Amazon for like $40.

    The #2 resource I would recommend is


    This covers very briefly a lot of the material on the GRE, particularly the equations you will need to memorize (unless you're a genius and can derive everything). I am in the process of making flashcards from this now.

    Also, take some of the old exams. They're available here, except for the 2008 exam. Solutions are also available online. http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/undergrad/ugs_gre.php
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    I appreciate the reply. I have "Conquering the Physics GRE," and have looked at practice tests.

    I'm looking for any first hand experience on top of what these sorts of resources can give. Instead of searching other forums, I wanted to start a new thread here so that it could be interactive.
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