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Featured First Human Embryos Edited in U.S.

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    Biologists that I know do not believe in a "path of Nature". Can you explain what you mean by this?
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    jim mcnamara

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    No. thejosh made several errors. There is no 'path of nature'. And single mutations alone will not wipe out a species - they are not a time bomb.
    What I think he means is: If a mutation that is fatal homozygously (means just one allele of the the pair is required to have the effect) is common in a population, all people with it will die. But. How did it get into enough people long enough to be "common" in the first place.
    Without killing them first?

    What kills species is usually major environmental change, which usually occurs over periods longer than one lifetime. Sometimes a catastrophic event can cause a so-called population bottleneck (Founder Effect) . A few hundred individuals survive a major population die out. Modern cheetahs are an example of this.
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