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First name

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    Do you like your first name? And what's your favotite first name?

    I like names which are beautiful and short. But I have to admit that my name is always a disaster for me esp. at school and university! :cry:

    My friend's expecting a baby and she's asked me to help her to choose a name. Her child will be a boy. But I don't know what to say.
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    I was born in my grand parents house, and was named after a little bird
    that landed on the window sill :grumpy: I have suffered ever since.
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    You should consider yourself lucky. My parents were stranded at sea, floating on an empty keg when I was born.

    Lisa!, I understand completely. How could any parent be so cruel as to make their poor child go through life dragging an explanation point at the end of their name??!!
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    My first name is Jonathan and I've never had any problems with it. I usually go by Jon because it's shorter...most of my friends call me 'Jonny'.
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    I like my name, Evan. Most of my friends though call me E.K.(my initials if you hadn't guessed), hence my username.
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    This sentence is just to go over the 10 characters min.
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    I was named after the lead in a Harlequin romance novel. Thankfully, he happened to have the same name as the mythical first man from the biblical creation story.
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    Actaully I'm angry why we can't have ! in our first names! :grumpy:
    I think BobG's parents were very wise, they knew thier child would grow up as a evil child, so they named him Bob. :wink:
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    I thought there were no evil bobs :wink:
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    Rachel. My friends used to call me Rach. I don't mind it.

    For a boy, I like Victor.
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    My first name is .......... :grumpy: They called me ....... for short. :devil: I have always hated my first name. :frown:
  13. Sep 3, 2005 #12
    'Grumpy' ?
    'Devil' ?

    C'mon Evo, we need to know.
  14. Sep 3, 2005 #13
    when the time comes to have a daughter, how about ambrosia? (comes from the greek word meaning 'immortal') i'll just throw that name out there. how does that first name sound? it has always been hard to think up a good name for a son though for some reason.
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    I hope you wouldn't call each other by first name, because it could make a mess in this site esp. for a poor n00b!:wink:
  16. Sep 3, 2005 #15
    my name was kept by combining my parents first name. :frown:
    i dont like it though. :cry:
    its a bit weird with no funny meaning.
    but my friends call me naz. i'm fine with that.
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    Funny meaning? You don't want people laugh whenever someone calls you, do you?
  18. Sep 3, 2005 #17
    I don't like my name much. It's not a bad name really but not very exciting. What I really don't like about it though is that it's the same as my father.
    A friend of the family named her son Baxter. I'm not sure if I would really like being named Baxter. It's differant and a bit interesting but... not really my cupa.
    I've always wanted a daughter so I've always thought of girls names for naming a child. I like Bridget and Roselyne. For a male I kinda of like Elijah.
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    I've allways thought Euphoria and Epiphany would make pretty names for girls. The girl's name I like best is Tabitha.

    My own naem is Brian, wich is a little too vannila for me, but it does mean "strength and virtue", and is an anagram for "brain", wich is one of my favorite organs.
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    Chi Meson

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    Epiphany was a student at my school a few years back, no kidding! (Never in my class though). I have had in my classes every permutation of girls names ending in "...anda" ("Shanda, laQuanda, Lazanda, Eshanda, Zonda) must've been "in" about 18 years ago.

    As for boy's names I have no choices other than Simon and Ben (my own son's, 2-1/2 y.o. and 6 mo. respectively). I can not get past the fact that those are the best two names in the world. I might be biased.

    Oh yeah, me also Brian. Monty Python did a lot for us, you know:

    "Vewy well, I welease Bwian!"
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