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First new Images from Hubble!

  1. Sep 9, 2009 #1
    New Images just released from Nasa-
    So happy we still have Hubble!

    They're everywhere on online, though
    You can find them on Youtube, at "Hubble Spectacular First Light Images in HD".

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    Souped-Up Hubble Makes A Comeback
    by Nell Greenfieldboyce



    Looking forward to more great images! :cool:
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    All images I've ever seen from the hubble have left me in awe. Which is why I have concluded they were all made in photoshop (nothing that beautiful can exist in real life).

    :D joking. These are really some more GREAT pictures to add to the hubble collection. Just keeps gettin better 'nd better.
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    I too am in awe of the images of the universe as seen through the 'eye' of Hubble Space Telescope. Of course digital technology could be used to generate such pictures, and in the past we've seen digitally or colour enhanced images. But I've seen similar pictures through a reflector telescope without enhancement - so I know they are more or less real.
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    Too bad they are not good for desktop wallpaper - tried a few, turned out grainy. Photoshop definitely needs to play on those.
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    Which image did you download? I downloaded the large version of the lensing cluster Abell~370 and it looks pretty good as a wallpaper.
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    Tried a few in the wallpaper section. All have multicolored pixel noise, especially the nebulaes. My monitor is 1680x1050 pixels and I can clearly see non-uniform colors and colored noise in the darker areas, it's either they didn't process the pics well or it's just limitation of the telescope itself.
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    I see some on the first one, but it looks like a crop and blow-up of the HUDF. The crab neubla looks good to me.

    Generally, though, they don't apply all the processing amateurs do - smoothing the image would decrease the real data and decrease the scientific value.
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    Here is a link to the Abell 370 very large image:


    I'm not sure if you downloaded these large versions, but they are available for the other images, too.
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