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First order nonlinear DE

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    dear friends,
    i need to solve analitically(also by means of approximate methods) the following nonlinear differential equation:

    where Ts is a function of t. A, B, C and D are costants. the initial condition is Ts(0)=Ti.
    I would be so grateful if anyone can help me.

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    You need to show your work first, that's how it works on this forum.

    I will give you a hint anyway-- you can solve it using a technique you learned in calculus! It's that simple (that gave it away since you probably only learned that one method to solve de's when you were in calc).
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    the mentioned equation is the result of the integration of the heat diffusion eqaution following the approximate integral method. is it possible to use any methods to linearize this equation?
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    As DavidWhitBeck said, you don't have to resort to any fancy numerical methods at all. You're given a differential equation for which 't' does not appear at all, only Ts(t). What does that tell you about how to solve it?
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