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First road for motor vehicles

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    I have tried to find out when the first road surfaced specifically for motor vehicles was, and where, obviously motor traffic used existing surfaced roads with horse drawn traffic in mind up to some time, so when did consideration for motor vehicles start?
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    Don't forget bicycles - the Cyclists' Touring Club was founded in 1878 and part of it's campaigning at the start was for the improvement road surfaces.
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    I never gave it a thought :smile: could that have been the start?
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    And more to the point, when are they going to pave the street to my house?
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    May be when you have sufficient clout, like some one says by heck jimmy must have a smooth drive to work :smile:
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    Sealed roads are about 200years old in the UK with macadam'ed surfaces.
    Tar was added from about 1900 to stop motor vehicles disturbing the surface - hence tarmac.

    The first proper road in the US is probably 'Historic National Road' in Cumberland Maryland
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