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First Robotics Competition

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    Any one else involved with this? First robotics

    I am mentoring for my daughters high school team, we are sponsored by HP and have 2 HP engineers leading us. So far we have spent a week discussing the problem and potential designs.

    This last Friday and Saturday we made a full scale prototype out of wood and tested our basic functions. Next step will be to formalize the final dimensions and design. Then begin to build the competition model.

    We have a total of 6 weeks to design and fabricate the robot. I will update this thread as we progress.

    So far this has been great fun, I was watching kids learn to use basic hand tools and actually build something, for some of them this is a first.
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    I am hoping to one day do the same. I think it would be a lot of fun too.
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    I was on a FIRST team in high school. Good times.
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    Also, post some of the finer details. Such as programming languages, uC used, etc. I'm curious to see what has changed since my time (4+ yrs ago).
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    we h
    They are writing code in C(something, ++?)

    We have built a pretty nice robot, took it out with the other local teams for a test run yesterday. Here are some pics.
    carring the ball

    At the start of the throw motion
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    We (some of my friends and I) are trying to get the robotics class back for next year, and I think it uses the FIRST program.
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    Saturday 25 Oct there was a First robotics mini competition held at OMSI in Portland OR. 16 teams from the Willamette valley were competing for "bragging" rights.

    Well, I am bragging! Our team 1130 from South Albany High, and team 2002 from Tualatin, OR won the event.

    Each Team competed in at least 6 preliminary matches. In the first minute of the first match we were in we suffered major damage and had to run the next 3 matches "crippled" while we made repairs. With the repairs in place we had 2 very successful matches. We came out of the Preliminary matches in 6th place and were teamed with the 3rd place team (2002) for the finals matches.

    By the end of the day most of the robots were "hurting" in some fashion or other, one of our opponents in the finals suffered a spectacular motor controller failure at the end of the first of 3 matches. There absence from the 2nd match made for a easy win. They were back for the last match which we also managed to win.

    I have videos of several matches, guess it is time to learn how to YouTube.

    A very good day for South Albany Robotics..

    ON that note I must say that we are about $5000 short of this years entry fees. So if any of you know of a business wanting to sponsor a robot please contact me.

    Any donations would be welcomed.
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