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FIRST Robotics Redux

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    Chi Meson

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    Our robotics team just did a post-season, end-of-year event in Wolcott, CT. By the end of it, it was finally working! We made it to the "semi-finals" (it was a "double elimination", or "loser bracket." We were in the last 2 alliances eliminated before the final best of three game.)

    Here are some memories
    First, there were every which way kind of tangles in the deployment of our hanger (which was sprung by a bent fiberglass sail batten)
    So, here we are troubleshooting the deployment. We manually deployed the thing about 20 times until we had all the sticky spots duct-taped over.
    Then: go go go go!
    Success! With blood on the field!
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    Why are the robots hanging from a bar again? Anyhow looks fun.
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    Chi Meson

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    Suspending the robot earns 2 points. Other points are scored by kicking the soccer balls through the goals. In many games, the points for suspending the robot decided the winner. We had three games in the elimination round where our robot won the winning points for our alliance by suspending.
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