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First Semester Classes

  1. Apr 29, 2010 #1
    I am currently in BC Calculus. Next year, assuming I do well on my AP tests and placement exams, I will be able to go into Linear Algebra. I plan to major, or at least minor, in mathematics. The school I am going to will not require me to take Calculus 3 next year since I have BC and will be taking higher level courses for my major. Do you think it is a good idea to jump straight to Linear Algebra? I think I am smart enough to do it, but would it be wiser to use easier math classes to pad my GPA?
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    How are you faring with AP Calc BC?

    If you are on good terms with it, go Calc 3, a bit of linear algebra helps.
  4. Apr 29, 2010 #3
    I'm doing fine with it. Calc 3 is before Linear Algebra.
  5. Apr 29, 2010 #4
    I took BC Calc in high school, and scored a 5 on the AP. My first semester in college I took Linear Algebra (computational, little theory) and Calc III, as was suggested to me by the head of the math department.
    Calc III was a little rough, seeing as we didn't go into as much depth into most Calc II topics in BC Calc as the Calc II class at my college.
    Linear Algebra doesn't require a whole lot of background, and you should be fine taking that after BC Calc.
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