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First term nightmare

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    Well my first semester in university went terribly, I just got by. I really slacked around and wasn't prepared for the workload. I have hopes of going to med school but I'm wondering if a really bad first year will have a big impact on getting in?
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    Why worry about something you can't change? If I were you, i'd worry about being able to get good grades this semester. And, you can put in even more time, do more things to make up for your bad start - do research, volunteer etc.
    Why does it matter if you can get in to something four years away though? Just do your best.
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    The first semester always tends to be rough, simply because you're not used to it. It's normal, everyone I know has been through it acknowledging that fact. This is especially true if you didn't matriculate straight away after high school, but delayed enrolment for some reasons.
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    Yeah at my high school I took 6 AP classes, and honors band. Basically it was hell and I got a lower GPA then I had the rest of my years there. I mean it wasn't a bad GPA, but it wasn't my best. Then a wonderful thing happened, while everyone else around me was going through hell in their first year of college, because I had worked my butt of my senior year it was a much much easier transition.

    Basically my point is you're probably in the same situation. You say you had a bad semester, well it can only go up from there. Now that you know what it's like you'll be more prepared. Just focus and stay on top of things.
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    You have to stop slacking. No one wants a doctor who is a slouch. Med School is no cake walk. You have to be prepared to work harder than you ever have before.
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