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Intro Math First year mathematics texbooks

  1. May 12, 2015 #1
    Are there any good first year textbooks which cover first year differential (limits, partial derivatives, intro vector calculus), integral calculus, DEs, AND linear algebra - vectors and matrices.
    other stuff like complex numbers, infinite series, etc would be a bonus.

    As in a single textbook which covers both first year calculus and linear algebra?
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    I know 3 separate books. Not 1.

    Thomas calculus with analytical geometry 3rd edition (covers cal 1 to 3), and Linear algebra by Anton. Sure Linear Algebra DONE RIGHT (Axler) and linear algebra (spence, ingel?) are better books. However, they require more mathematical maturity. For differentials. You have Morris Tenenbaum, Ross, Coddington (kind of terse but a great book).

    I would get all these books. Should not cost you more than 60 dollars.
    Simmon's calculus is also quite nice.
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    Yeah kind of redundant imo. Most books of this nature tend to give a survey of the respective mathematical areas.

    Paul Shields is also a gentle introduction to linear algebra. Well written but doesn't go above R^3. Nice read to see the computational aspect of linear algebra and how to apply to intro to EnM .
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