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First year Physics, past 5 years Business what!?!?

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    Got a message saying to introduce myself here. I'm currently a first year physics student who's been out of practice due to completing a business degree over the past 5 years and struggling already a month in with keeping up with the work :/ (I'm caught up with the readings, just haven't done problem sets outside of weighted assignments...).

    I've found myself here quite a lot prior to starting this degree and now that I'm in it I figured it's time to make an account!

    Also if any of you have any pointers about motivation to do the problem sets that would be great.
    Seriously please.
    My tutorial partners are basically doing all the work and I feel like such **** for not understanding the math as well as these guys fresh out of high school. I just can't seem to force the problem sets on myself although my frustration at not having done the work seems to have gotten me as far as making notes. My business degree didn't require much work in comparison, haha.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Try making a thread in the Academic Guidance forum. You'll get more answers over there than in the intro forum.
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    If you cannot do the problem sets, then you do not really understand the material. Don't kid yourself otherwise -- that's a recipe for exam disaster.

    Try to psycho-analyze yourself to understand why you're so resistant against doing the problem sets. Are you unable to get started on them and can't even take the first step? Do you get stuck partway? Etc? For any of these reasons, you can get help on the PF homework forums, provided you make a reasonable attempt yourself and don't expect spoon-feeding.

    Remember: Your need to do the problem sets is proportional to your resistance against doing them.
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