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Homework Help: First year statics question

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    A 70 kg overhead garage door consists of a uniform rectangular panel AC, 2100 mm high, supported by the cable AE attached at the middle of the upper edge of the door and by two sets of frictionless rollers A and B. Each set consists of 2 rollers located on either side of door. The rollers A are free to move in horizontal channels, while the rollers B are guided by vertical channels. If the door is held in the position for which BD =1050 mm, determine
    a.) Tension in cable AE
    b.) Reaction at each of the four channels

    (For an image go to http://www.freewebsite.0nyx.com/images/garage.bmp Sorry for the crappy image. I made it in paint and by the way, that G is supposed to be W.)
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    Any thoughts...?
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    I'm not too sure but..

    I think I can calculate the moment around point B and then get the value for A. Then I can let Fx=0 and Fy=0 and get the rest of the answers.

    Does this make sense?
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    How come my thread ended up on the third page! I still need help..
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