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Schools First Year University Student

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    As the title says, I'm a first year university student, currently attending Northern Michigan University. I'm really quite unsure about what classes I should take in my second semester and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. I'm unsure what kind of physics/mathematics I want to get into, but I know I belong somewhere in the field of those two subjects. I'm aiming for a Ph.D in whatever field I choose.

    During my first semester, I was sort of stuck with classes that I didn't really want because my Freshman Orientation was the last one of the summer and most of the classes I wanted to take were filled. I'm not taking any math or science courses right now, and it really bums me out. Those are the things I understand, things I can get a firm grasp on.

    Any suggestions about courses, or even just general college advice, would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting the people of PF and hopefully becoming a regular here.
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    Talk to your undergraduate advisor. As a math or physics major, your first year is pretty much set in stone (calculus and calculus based physics then load up on GE nonsense).
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    Have you talked to anybody in the physics department about this? Practically everywhere, the physics major starts with introductory physics I and calculus I the first semester of freshman year. I'd be amazed to see a physics department let a prospective physics major get shut out of calculus and the introductory physics sequence for freshman year. There's usually a way to override enrollment limits, but it has to be done by the course instructor or someone in the department.
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    I talked to my Academic Adviser today and checked out my liberal studies evaluation, as well as the required courses for my B.S. Physics, with a double minor in Mathematics and Computer Science. I called and scheduled a meeting with the Head of the Physics department for tomorrow, so I hope I'll be able to get some more advice from him as well.

    Are there any grad school prep tips I should know about and maybe certain things I should do to help me get into grad school?
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    "Are there any grad school prep tips I should know about and maybe certain things I should do to help me get into grad school? "

    Register in your required courses before they are full.
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