Fish Oil Scam

  1. SCAM

    Because there are boxcars full of fish oil, hireling
    'nutritionists' at Tufts and elsewhere shill for
    the toxic oil.. which is at the top of the ocean food
    chain in arsenic, chromium, pcb's, brain damaging mercury

    Dick Gregory: eating fish oil is like eating the filter out
    of a car

    Tufts Univ which has killed
    a lot of dogs in research has 'nutrition' hirelings
    shilling for the trash oil

    Fit TV has promoted fish oil

    Countries in the top 10 in fish consumption have
    the most stomach cancer
    (Japan, Korea, Chile, Norway Peru etc)

    Who gets the most fish oil? Inuit with the shortest
    life expectancy of those not eliminated by war, famine
    starvation 7000 vegan MD's
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