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FITC Fluorescein

  1. Jun 15, 2012 #1
    I am a physics student and I am trying to set up a microscale chemical experiment that involves Sulfuric Acid, Feroin, Molonic Acid, Sodium Bromade and water. I want to study the physical behavior of this reaction as I change the concentration of different components such as Sulfuric Acid. So, I want to encode the Surfuric acid with FITC fluorescein such that I can trace the amount of the fluorescence and hence quantify the concentration in Sulfuric Acid. I have been doing this without that fluorescence but my results are being crappy and I think this may be due to pipeting inaccuracy. By adding that dye, I will be able to interprete very accurately my results.
    My worries is I don't know what kind of chemical reactions can go on between fluorescein and those other chemical components. Can anybody help me in any way?
    Thank you
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