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Five Rooms puzzle

  1. Sep 15, 2004 #1
    Dear Everybody,

    Perhaps you know this puzzle, there are five rooms arranged as below:

    lxxxlxxxxxxlxxxl (please ignore the x's, they are 'spacers')
    lxxxxxxlxxxxxxxl (with no breaks, the walls are solid)

    The aim of the puzzle is to draw one continuous line that intersects each wall of each room (16 in total, for clarity) once and only once, the line you draw is not allowed to cross itself, it can go outside of the rooms of course.

    So, do you think it can be done? I have tried and tried, and failed repeatedly. The person who told me doesn't know the answer either.

    Is there anyone here who can say for sure that it is possible or impossible?

    please help, this thing is making me go grey and bald.
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    oh, how embarrasing. I just found another discussion with everything answered. Euler plaths and all that business,

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