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Fixxed High Powered Magnets

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    If you take 2 high powered magnets lets say the size of a silver dollar and put both in a table vice with neg poles facing each other, add some strong adhesive (superglue, gorila glue) and crank them together till the cement dries, with the same poles pressed together will this cause reconfiguration of the magnets ? I read an article where someone had done a similar experiment and said that it created a dipole where both neg and pos were on the same side ? Anyone have experience in magnetism?

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    Yes, it will cause the "reconfiguration" of the magnets! That happens whenever a magnet interacts with just about anythig - such as sticking one to the door of your refrigerator. :-)

    As to whether you can get mixed polarity on the surfaces, that would depend on the details of the structure, shape and size of the magnets.
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