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Fizix project!

  1. Jan 26, 2004 #1
    Ok for this project i'm supposed to build a vehicle that is human powered (the easy part). the hard part is, I have to make a claw that will be able to grab things like erasers, balls, and a bucket with a 2.2 lb weight in it. It will also have to be able to grab a ball from a stool and place it on the ground and visa versa.

    Can anyone help me on the design onf the claw? IT has to be made out of pullys levers and gears. Actually just 2 of the 3. Any input would be greatly appreciated :smile:
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  3. Jan 27, 2004 #2
    use the idea of scissors where the blade is the claw, we cant design the whole thing fo ya now can we.
  4. Jan 27, 2004 #3
    hey..... th ats actually a really good idea! lol thanks for the tip.

    i'll try to devise some prototypes
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