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Fizz down nose

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    Yea. This is probably the most idiotic question ever asked here. But hey, you don't find out unless you ask out.

    You know when you drink carbonated soda, then burp down your nose, it really really burns?

    How come this happens?

    I thought it over, and it couldn't really be the CO2 as when you exhale, you exhale CO2 and it doesn't burn your nostrels.

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    Most sodas contain citrus acid, I suspect this maybe the cause of the burning nose fizz.
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    I was thinking that and came up with a theory.

    Soda (let's use coke as an example) is an acid. When the acid hits the neutralized HCL acid in your stomach, it de-neutralizes it. So in order to get rid of the acid, the stomach some what 'turns' it into a gas, releasing it. With the HCL and acidic vapours and such, when you burp down your nose, the vapour sharply burns the nostrel.

    Probably wrong, but it's sort of plausable.
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    The gas when you burp is concentrated, not to mention other ingredients in the mix. But I'm only guessing.

    And that would be "up your nose". :wink:
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