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Flaffy sappy drama series

  1. Jul 28, 2003 #1
    So some of us macho boys would maybe not like to say we follow with these flaffy sappy drama series, but the matter is many of us do.

    What is the drama series on TV you've had the pleasure of following the most ?

    Mine has been Chicago Hope, seen something like 85% of the episodes. And I really liked it.
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  3. Jul 28, 2003 #2
    Does E.R. count as a drama? I'm a regular watcher, thought I don't watch much TV nowadays.
  4. Jul 28, 2003 #3

    Don't know what E.R. is

    Me neither.
  5. Jul 28, 2003 #4
    Star trek!
  6. Jul 28, 2003 #5
    I like ER and the X-files. The X-files was a must-watch when Mulder's still the main character.

    I also watch Friends, but I'm not sure whether I like it or not, it's kind of funny but I don't really mind if I miss one or two.

    Well, same here.
  7. Jul 28, 2003 #6
    I think The Real World on Mtv is good. I don't watch it often really, but it's pretty funny and there's always pleanty of drama
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    What ?! Are you totally insane ?! Pheew...
    Where's your medicine ?!

    As for drama, REAL machos DON'T WATCH DRAMA. The MOMENT
    I see the word drama in the discription of any movie or
    series on T.V. I switch channels !

    Go Rambo !
    Today is a good day to die !

    Peace and long life.
  9. Jul 29, 2003 #8
    A TV show about an emergency room at a hospital. Been on for like 10 years now in the U.S. Big show, won lots of awards. Very realistic
  10. Aug 1, 2003 #9
    I miss Dr. Mark Green. He was very
    nice. Course there was that one
    time he killed that patient on

    Now my favorite character is Abbey
    the nurse. Her mother is kind of
  11. Aug 2, 2003 #10
  12. Aug 2, 2003 #11


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    In fact, for three years consequtive, it shared the dual distinctions of being not only the most popular drama in the U.S., but also the easiest to spell.
  13. Aug 2, 2003 #12

    I wonder if the latter causes the
  14. Aug 6, 2003 #13
    I'm finding Felicity fun lately. Anyone else watches that?

    Ok, and who here watch Bold & Beautiful, LoL.
  15. Aug 6, 2003 #14


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    lets see
    8 hours of work
    6-8 hours of sleep (if lucky)
    14-16 hours of my 24 hour day dedicated.

    I don't live a schedule to allow me to even know what the newest dramas are, much less watch them.

    And when I do find the time, I'd prefer to be dirt biking, working on my car(s), playing some quake or maybe even something constructive.

    TV in general bores me. Its only purpose is the occasional movie, and the digital music channels.
  16. Aug 6, 2003 #15
    Perhaps you're a little older than I am...:wink:
  17. Aug 7, 2003 #16
    I saw 'the practice' and 'ER' the other day right after eachother. That was nice!
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