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Flange standards

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    i just wanted to know the difference of the flanges to BS EN 1092-2, BS 4504, BS 4505, BS 4722 and BS 4772.
    will the flanges to BS EN 1092-2 and BS 4504 match?
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    They might, but one should try to obtain both specs and do a comparison of dimensions and bases.

    According to http://www.standardsdirect.org/standards/standards5/StandardsCatalogue24_view_8556.html

    BS EN 1092-2:1997 replaces BS 4504:Part 3:Section 3.2:1989.

    See also - http://www.roymech.co.uk/Useful_Tables/Flanges/Flange_index.html

    If one works for a company, the library should have both copies or a document that compares standards.

    However it appears that the British Standards Institute are adopting the EN standards.

    BSI's standards page
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    It is good!!!
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    Hello there ,

    Can you please help me in knowing the difference between ANSI B 16.5, 150 Flange and EN1092-2 Flange ? Please help.
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