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Flash Animations/Java Applets/Videos

  1. Feb 25, 2012 #1


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    Dear ALL,

    I am looking for some excellent interactives to understand advanced topics like:
    1. GR

    2. Bell's Inequality/Quantum Entanglement

    3. String Theory (More than that merely there are 5 types of string theories and 2 types of strings and something like that and something like string mechanics/ how it combines GR/QM)

    4. Quantum Computation

    5. Any advanced topics like above

    Does any one know any online links. I appreciate specially flash/Java interactives.
    I dont need link to Leonard Susskind or any other lengthy links on youtube.

    I enjoyed following link but most were about simple topics that I didnot need tutorials of:

    Thank YOu!
    Thank You
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