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Flash animations

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    I want to make some of those nice Flash based animations. I understand that there are a few different tools from Adobe.

    Which one is the best to work with?
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    You would use Adobe (Macromedia) Flash. The latest version is 8. There are some third party tools that enable you to create flash animations as well, such as Swish, but they're not as powerful as Flash, though they might suit your needs if you just want some animations rather than a flash web application.
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    It's got a bit of a learning curve...
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    yes, flash. um infact you will need a adobe flash player 8 professional.

    you should use the free trial to see it's kinda intimidating too see the layout :rofl: although i made a couple.

    http://www.adobe.com" [Broken]
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    Wow, now MeJennifer's gone gold! Welcome to the fold!! :approve:
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    Thank you!
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