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Flash help

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    I am making a slide presentation in flash. I have created some animation in a few slides. I have put a behavior on the last frame of the timeline telling it to change to the next slide. The problem is that after a few slides the following message is coming

    Code (Text):

    The name "frame" has already been chosen. Please choose another name.
    Also my presentation isn't following the timelines correctly as quite a few animations are terminating before their end time and making the presentation move on to the next slide prematurely.

    Please help me
    Thank you
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    It would be alot easier for me if i could look at your flash source file. I work with flash alot, and there are plenty of reasons i can think of why your flash movie would be behaving as you describe.
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    Well, the file is 2.5 MB right now so I don't know how to send it over. Plus I am a novice at flash.

    But this is basically what I did. I made a few slides and copied a few images into them as in powerpoint. I made different layers animating several of them. Then I applied the transitions behaviors to each slide. After that I double clicked on the end keyframe of one layer in each slide and set the behavior to change to the next slide.
    The object of the respective layer was selected when I set the behavior so its possible that as soon as the object appears on the screen, the behavior is activated.
    I wanted a way so that when the slide reaches the last frame of the timeline it automatically moves on to the next slide.
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    I was just playing around with it and noticed that if I set the behavior of the last frame in the first slide to change to the next slide, the point at which the one slide changes to the next, in all slides goes to the frame I set in the first slide. For example, if my motion timline is ending at frame 24 in first slide and I set the behavior of the keyframe to change to the next slide, each and every slide will change to its respective next slide at the 24th frame.
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