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Flash of white light in dark room

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    Good morning. Woke up this morning around 5:45 am. When I got up and walked to the hallway from my bedroom, I noticed a very quick bright white flash above my loveseat in my living room area. Kinda shocked me for a few seconds. I stood still trying to figure it out. The area was too far from my window (besides that, the blinds were completely shut). So, I figured it was an electronic device..there were no electronic device anywhere to cause the light. Now I'm confused..where did the light come from? Everything in the house was dark and turned off.
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    Firefly, transient power spike or static electric discharge lighting a fluorescent bulb, smoke detector with light behaving abnormally or indicating power or battery failure (sorry, i know you mentioned no electronic devices, but I'm grasping at straws). If you didn't see objects illuminated and it was more just a bright light, then microseizure, detached retina (would be one eye only and normally exhibits more lasting, repeatable symptom I think), or just some neurological fluke. I'm not a doctor. If you suspect it might have been physiological, I'd see a doctor.
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    There was a similar thread posted here on July 8.Search"strange white flash in dark room"
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