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Flat Earth believers

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    Why did people think the earth was flat?
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    Look around you. It's flat, isn't it ? Do a measurement of a triangle's angles. Make the sum. You find 180 degrees, no ? At least for a triangle you can see with your eyes, standing on the ground.
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    It's hard to draw a sphere on a flat piece of paper... people are just lazy. Having a flat world made everyone happier.

    And it's harder for four elephants riding on a turtle's back to hold up a geoid, a nice flat disc is obviously easier.
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    The Turtle Moves!

    That was one of his best I think.
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    What people are you talking about? The ancient Greeks were aware that the Earth is round and measured its radius. The story about Columbus convincing people that the Earth is round was made up more than a century after he died. He believed that the radius of the Earth is small and that Asia was much closer the Europe than it actually is. Those who disagreed thought that there was no continent between Europe and Asia and that Columbus would die of starvation before arriving in Asia. Both sides were wrong, but neither side thought the Earth was flat.

    And yet there are people today who believe the Earth is flat. Is that who you mean? You can google "flat earth society" and find out why they think the Earth is flat. This is a modern organization, the ancients had no time for such nonsense.
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    I don't believe that the flat earth people really believe the earth is flat.
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    Well you're welcome to your beliefs, but I don't think they're very widely held. Maybe you could start a "believers that the flat earth society doesn't really believe in a flat earth" society
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    Hahahahaha! :rofl:

    "Very small stones!"
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    I've always thought that the modern Flat Earth people were just doing a parody of the people who believe the world is 6,000 years old and Noah's flood carved the Grand Canyon.

    I could be wrong though.

    (In any event, you really *need* to hear their explanation of how GPS works...)
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    The only reason why people believe in such weird stuff is because they hate science. They don't like that science is finding out real answers. They want it to be all relative so they can be all smug and make up a bunch of weird stuff everyday and never be wrong.
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    I've heard that one of the "proofs" was that water in a glass is "perfectly" level, so there can't be a center point of attraction, rather gravity simply acts downward as if on a flat plate.
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    Maybe these people who believe that the Earth is flat are simply referring to the theory that space is two dimensional.
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