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Flat land

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    After reading the book Flatland, i got to thinking about higher spatial dimensions. The characters in flatland see eachother as lines, while we see them as shapes. Wouldn't there be a spatial dimension higher than three in which one can see the insides of three dimensional objects?

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    Yes, a four dimensional being could see inside us just as we, looking down at a page, can see inside the circumference of a circle.
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    Photon, have you heard the joke about the flat lander, who watch a photon drop to earth and picked up only to discover it was a point of a knife's blade.

    Neither he or his friends, could work it out, until they all fell out.........
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    Yes, an individual looking in form such a viewpoint could see all the points inside a solid sphere, because the sphere is "laid out flat" for him. He could also just suddenly appear within a room without openeing the doors!
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    Which of course is analogous to us drawing a circle and putting a dot in the circle without entering the "circle" because the circle is laid out flat. I think I get it.
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    Kaluza's Addition

    With Kaluza, a fourth dimension of space was created, with time, this became a fifth dimensional expression.

    If the result, is the ability to see, as currently been shown in this discussion, then what would the result be, having moved passed GR and joining with QM?

    Any corrections or ideas?
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    Sol, the historical sequence was that Minkowski added the time dimension to space, making four, Einstein expressed the geometry of the four in terms of gravitating matter and energy, and THEN Kalusza unified GR with Maxwellian EM by adding a fifth, compacted into a circle. Klein later attempted to unify QM and GR by using Kalusa's circular dimension to express quantum waves.

    The reason that these ideas were neglected was that neither Maxwellian EM nor simple QM were thought of as basic theories any more.
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    It must a bit gross for someone from the fourth dimension, looking at us 3d landers.
    A bloody mess! :biggrin:
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    Please, no go to Michio Kaku and ask him what is his explanation when a human being sees you from within like having X rays?:
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    I tell you something, the Drs can't explain and there are no more blind people than the ones who don't wanna "see". I personaly entered into a "ghost" house and I didn't see anything but the dog was barking at something invisible to my eyes, special part of the wall. Dogs can even smell your "fear", flies can see better with their hexagonal 8000 omatidies, some sea creatures watch in infrared or ultraviolet light, eagles have a telescope vision, ancient trylobites watched a frame with 100 different parts (not like pieces of jigsaw puzzle like flies). So, when Michio Kaku says the beings from another dimension look at us like Picasso or Dali he set the things upside down. The fact is the beings sometimes and under certain circumstances allow to be seen as proyections (as I explained in this forum in "hyperdimension" and what sort of entities). They can see us from within pretty much like this girl. They can even proyect their telepatic messages through your brain and you can watch "through" their vision. Sometimes people open a "lock" in the brain if they used hallucinogenic substances in the past (they are the chemical "key" similar to serotonine and endorfines), and that "door" never closes completely. Of course, this is not the astronomy or math theorists field and so they are as ignorant about this as the Russian neuro-surgeon experts.
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