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Flat plane

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    If I were on an infinitely flat plane and had an infinitely powerful telescope, could i see another person through that telescope standing on that same plane billions of miles away? is it true that the horizon would never block the telescopes view of the other person even though he is billions of miles away?
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    Whats the "horizon means in here"
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    I see, thanks Ryan.
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    When EM waves propagate across a metal surface, there is a cancellation effect at low heights. So you would not be able to see anything below a certain angle of elevation.
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    you would see what looks like a horizon if you were on a flat plane
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    As far as I can imagine, there would be a narrow strip of darkness around the horizon. So it would look like a horizon but slightly elevated.
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    if you were laying down it would seem less elevated
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    The lower you are, the higher the band of darkness.
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    what would create a band of darkness?
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    The wave reflected from the sheet will cancel the direct wave. It is like the principle of flying under the radar.
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    The basic answer is yes, you would be able to see the person because you have line of sight to them. There are MANY reasons why you wouldn't be able to see them a billion miles away in the real world and many more ways of getting around these problems, none of which are relevant to this particular question.
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