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Flat tiny speaker

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    Does anyone know where I can find a flat tiny speaker, lets say for arguments sake roughly the size of a quarter, that can produce a reasonably loud audible tone?


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    You're looking for a piezo buzzer, I'd guess. Check with digikey or newark or any other electronics distributor.

    - Warren
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    Don't use a piezo disc or piezo buzzer unless you want
    an audible *tone* i.e. something that's good at buzzing /
    beeping at a given relatively fixed frequency.

    If you want to reproduce a wide(r) range of audio frequencies through it as a speaker, you should get something that's sold as a speaker.

    Check digikey.com, mouser.com, newark.com,
    et. al.

    You'll have a hard time finding something that's BOTH
    the diameter of a quarter or so AND as flat as a quarter
    that's good at being loud and acts as a good speaker
    over the audio range. For full fledged speaker function,
    look for something the thickness of 3 to 8 stacked quarters,
    or something a bit bigger in diameter but thinner.

    Check your local junk cell phone or small earphones or
    headphones for cheap or free tiny speakers, though
    the cellphone / headphone ones will tend to be a bit
    thicker, and the earphone ones don't put out so much
    audio power.
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    Try these speakers!

    http://www.gloprop.com.au/?LinkServID=ABAD66B2-A461-9019-49655B731F5FBA4B&showMeta=0 [Broken]
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    Be sure to let your speakers "speak." Sealing them up in a box, like we often do peizo's, is enough. You'll end up with a product that can only be hear from 1-2 feet.
    Speakers need an opening.
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    you can buy those greeting cards that play music when you open them.they have buzzers the right size that sound ok.
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    In the Berlin of the 20th there was a competing "Blatthaller" Speaker with a parallel noise emission. New edited and brought to HiFi Quality. With a deepth of 20mm and a clear bass. Who is able to commercialise it. ? See also www.eysono.com [Broken]
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    or failing all of the above

    rat one out of a mobile phone, there's zillions of them out there no longer used
    you probably have an old one in your drawer at home, I have a bunch of them

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