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Flex Klien 5^2/2^2/43^2

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    I hope this is not patronising but are you aware of the following:
    Flex Klien was born 25/4/1849 which is prime squares 5^2/2^2/43^2. He
    thought this was a good omen for him to take an interest in
    This Saturday is 25/4/09 or 5^2/2^2/3^2 . Is it anybody's birthday?
    Can the organisation Physics Forums contact the media and name this day 'Prime
    Squares Day?' or something else.
    The point of doing this would be to raise the profile of mathematics.
    2^2/2^2/3^2 and 3^2/2^2/3^2 has already passed plus it is better to
    have 3 different primes.
    What do you think?
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    Re: Birthday

    No, my birthday is on 3³ / 3² :(
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    Re: Birthday

    I think making up number realtions to dates is silly. the year is 2009 not 09 so, it doesn't even relate to the 43^2 that was 1849. so is 09/09/09 also good? and 04/09/09 etc etc etc. Numerology is a little silly imo.
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    Re: Birthday

    If you add all the numbers of my birthday, you get 33. That is the largest positive integer that can not be expressed as a sum of different triangular numbers. Moreover, 332 + 1 = 1090, of which the greatest prime factor is 109. This is more than 33 twice, that cannot be a coincidence.
    Moreover, if you calculate dd * mm / 19 * yy, where dd/mm/yy is my birthday, you get 32,... which is also exactly 33 when you round up!

    Jesus was allegedly crucified at age 33. It is also the country code of France.
    I am afraid to go out on the street now, because I think I might get crucified by a Frenchmen (I heard some reports on the news of people getting stabbed in the back with a knife for no reason at all)!
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    Re: Birthday

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    Re: Birthday

    kind of like what i was trying to say, but put so much more elegantly :approve: :smile:
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