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Flexible circuit, Tri-State negative logic to trigger 2 separate mechanisms

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    Hi guys!

    I’m currently working on a project and I’ve come to a dead end in my research on it because I’m not quite sure I’m asking the right questions to get the right answers so I’ll try my best to explain in lamest terms what I need.

    Okay, so here’s the scenario that I’m seeking advice on: I want to trigger 2 separate mechanisms or mechanical reactions upon the absence of an electronic signal that is detected by way of flexible circuit board. I want the circuit board to act as a switch to trigger these 2 mechanisms. I’ve done a massive amount of research and other than understanding the basic idea of what I need to happen, I don’t quite know how to accomplish what I’ve just explained.

    My questions are as follows:

    What is it that I need to do to take this basic concept and orchestrate what I’ve said? How do I use the flexible circuit as a switch to trigger each of these mechanisms?
    How do I employ the necessary negative logic so that the reactions only occur in the absence of the electronic signal?

    What technology is required to utilize Tri-state negative logic to trigger these mechanical reactions?

    And finally, do the mechanisms have to be somehow linked to the switch in order to work? If so, how?

    I know that this is quite a lot of questions but I really just need a little help further understanding what I’ve come up with. Any help would be greatly appreciated and highly needed!

    Thank you all in advance!
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